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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  July 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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linda marie macdonald. a key off-ramp closed this morning after a chase and crash. this deadly string of events in the east bay. >> and a massive fire dark eng the sky. what sparked the inferno at a fairfield plastics plant. this morning, a check on the health impact. good morning, it is wednesday, july 27. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. busy morning here. we begin with a traffic alert this morning. a major off-ramp is closed in oakland after a chase and deadly crash. we are going right to kristy seifkin along interstate 880 with more on the officers who say they are about to open that ramp hopefully in the next hour. >> reporter: that's right. hopefully that ramp will be re- opened by 7:00 this morning. what happened was around 1:20, officers spotted and erratic driver in oakland. they attempted foul drive over but he got on northbound 880. he kept going for about eight
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minutes at speeds about 75 miles an hour. eventually, he did attempt to exit but was going so fast when he tried to exit at 29th avenue, he crashed into an area just under the underpass. he was ejected from the vehicle. he was taken to highland hospital and died shortly thereafter. healthcare hack has been investigating -- chp has been investigating the scene and thinks the driver may have been under the influence because they found open containers in the car and smelled alcohol inside his vehicle. in light of this accident, oakland chp officer sam morgan has a reminder to drivers. >> we always tell individuals whenever you see the emergency lights on a patrol car law enforcement vehicle the drive is compelled by law to stop and yield to the authority of the officer. this type incident could have been avoided had that driver yielded and still be alive today. >> reporter: chp has given a tentative identification for the victim. they say he was a 19-year-old hispanic man from oakland. the coroner was on the scene
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earlier, has now left. they are working on confirming the identity of the victim. they found a driver's license but want to be sure it is that man. they will release details today after speaking with family members and there are several road closures that have been put up since this accident happened. let's go to elizabeth now with an update on those closures. >> thank you. fortunately we are not seeing major delays right now if you are coming up northbound 880. but as kristy said that off- ramp is shut down out towards 29th and it could be shut down for at least another hour or so. they initially said 6:30 but are pushing it back to 7:00. the traffic alert is in effect so use 23rd as an alternate. live look at conditions near the coliseum, it looks okay northbound for right now past hegenberger and about a 15- minute drive between 238 and the maze. we are following this accident ramp accident westbound 92 right there by 101 as you as you make your way out of foster city. so sounds like a couple of
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lanes blocked. fire crews as well out there if you are coming from the san mateo bridge this is a live look at conditions across the span, so far looks great in the westbound lanes approaching the high-rise. bart has 20-minute delays at the san francisco and peninsula stations. that is your traffic. for a check of the forecast, here's lawrence. >> we are starting out with dense fog showing up out near the coastline today a sign actually of some better weather coming our way as high pressure building in over head. patchy fog some of that extending into the bay and the valleys, as well. but that's going to break up today revealing lots of sunshine. temperatures now running mainly into the 50s around the bay area, dense fog at the immediate coastline, watch out for that this morning. but i think even out at the beaches today a little more sunshine going to mix in with a couple of patches of fog so 60s out at the coast and 70s in many spots inside the bay, 80s at the santa clara valley and some 80s and 90s in the interior valleys. we are going to warm up the next few days to mid-90s as we
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head into friday and saturday. cooling slightly sunday. back to you. this morning concerns in fairfield about the air quality from a massive fire yesterday. the fire was at the macro plastics plant a light street area northwest of travis air force base and east of i-80. anne makovec is in fairfield. she just learned that the police will be holding a press conference in just a few minutes. she joins us now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are waiting for the tests of those air quality results to come in later on this morning. the concern is that we had a bunch of plastic burning here last night and that caused petroleum to melt and that has chemicals in it that got into the air. the macro plastics plant behind me, you can see a big fields of ash now because about five acres worth of plastic bins were burning here last night. if you move to the left, you can see the impact plastic
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bins. these are the things that burned here. it was all in an outside storage area. no actual buildings caught on fire. when you look at this video, it looks like there's a two-story building on fire. it's really just stacked-up plastic crates, though. the fire broke out around 1:00 yesterday afternoon near travis air force base and the smoke could be seen for 50 miles away, as far as san francisco and sacramento, thick, black smoke. the fire fueled by the plastic produce crates. the theory right now, we haven't got the official cause but the theory is that a worker accidentally lit one of them on fire perhaps as he was doing some sort of welding. it quickly took off into the five acre fire. any sense of the temperatures that this fire reached? >> close to 1,000, maybe 1500. if you go to the sides of this complex where the grass, you will see the pole the whole metal fences and they are been
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the like straw. >> reporter: it took firefighters about three hours to get it under control. it wasn't completely out until late in the evening. firefighters stayed on the scene to make sure there were no hot spots. they had difficulty with water pressure because they only have three hydrants here in the light industrial area. so they had trouble getting pressure and water on the fire. but again, they did get it out. three firefighters were injured along the way, minor injuries. about 45 employees at the plastics plant had to be evacuated. they are all okay this morning. back out here live now, looking at the plastic containers still intact at the plant and the concern is what exactly -- what kind of materials were in those crates? because that is the stuff that got into the air and we are going to be hearing the results of those tests as well as possibly more about the cause coming up later on today. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you, anne makovec live in fairfield. another black eye for pg&e.
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its rating outlook was just lowered from stable to negative. fitch ratings made the change yesterday citing the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno last september. the negative outlook could lead to higher borrowing cost for pg&e's. a san francisco cop involved in a deadly bart shooting has a new job. he has been hired by the fbi. crowell was one of two officers who took part in the fatal shooting earlier this month. bart video shows the officer opened fire after the homeless man threw a knife in his direction. the fate of a former santa clara cop could be decided today. a federal jury is now distributing the case -- deliberating the case against delay rojas, charged with supplying confi-- clay rojas, charged with supplying confidential information to a hells angels member to pay off a debt. state charges against him are on hold until a federal trial ends. a judge makes a crucial
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decision in the aftermath of the casey anthony murder. the information he is keeping private until october. the sign of the times why ford is giving cd players their last spin. wa ur feet could do the trick. and how do you keep those pesky mosquitos away from you? how washing your feet could do the trick. [ laughter ] >> okay. i'm looking forward to that story, too, coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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drug cartels. good morning. 20-minute bart delays at the san francisco and peninsula stations, and a traffic alert in san mateo. we'll have the details coming up in a couple of minutes. thank you. 6:11 now on your wednesday. s.w.a.t. teams back in moraga hunting down suspected mexican drug cartels. they swept across 20 acres of land yesterday. police say a park officer may have stumbled on a massive pot growing operation on monday night. a burst of high-powered gunfire drove him out. >> it's been our experience
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that we are dealing with probably the mexican cartel. >> yesterday's search found nothing but authorities will be back to search for the marijuana and bring in more resources to hopefully root out hov is behind this. san jose police have three suspects after an attack on a 13-year-old boy. the teenager was beaten and stand while walking with a friend in ericksson park in south san jose monday afternoon. he says two people demanded to know if he was in a gang and when he said no he was punched, knocked down and stabbed in the back. the "mercury news" reports that the suspects are 16, 17 and 19 years old. a florida judge is delaying the release of juror names in the casey anthony murder trial. that jury acquitted anthony on charges that she killed her young daughter. a decision that angered a lot of people who closely followed conk of the case. the judge is required by law to release the jurors' names, but he says he is not going to do it until late october at the
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earliest in order to allow for a cooling-off period. >> probably a good idea. >> i think so. it's now 6:12. there's an upside to those high gas prices, believe it or not. the boost in business it's creating for one industry. >> and he won a silver medal at the winter olympics. we'll tell you about the tragic turn for the athlete. time for your travel forecast. sfo mostly sunny skies toward the afternoon, just a few passing clouds and 71 degrees. if you do plan to head to other parts of the country we are looking at a potential for some showers and thunderstorms as you pull into houston, still a steamy 97 degrees by the afternoon. continuing onward toward the east we are going to see some sunshine in toward atlanta just a couple of passing clouds on the hot side though 95 by the afternoon. more on your local weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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will likely stay closed another 45 minutes... after a police back now at 6:16. in the headlines, an oakland freeway off-ramp will likely stay closed another 45 minutes after a police chase ended in a crash that killed the suspect. the closed ramp is from northbound interstate 880 to 29th avenue. air quality officials are checking the met risk from
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yesterday's -- health risk from yesterday's plastics fire. the fire is out now. and today house speaker john boehner is reworking his plan to raise that debt ceiling by next week. the house will get to vote on it tomorrow. but it may not clear the senate. good morning. here's some live pictures from oakland of that deadly overnight accident that frank was just talking about. it started with a police chase, ended in a crash and that 29th avenue off-ramp northbound 880 remains shut down at this hour. we have been talking to chp on and off all morning. in fact we just got off the phone with them and they are telling us close to 7:00 they hope to get 29th avenue off- ramp to northbound 880 re- opened. they are just waiting to clear the car from the scene and to wrap up the investigation so hopefully in the next 40 minutes they will get that off- ramp re-opened. 2rd is the best alternate. the main lines of the freeway
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coming up northbound and southbound 880 look okay. 23rd is the best alternate. new traffic alert san mateo. this is on the ramp from westbound 92 to 01. fire crews are on scene. sounds like the fire crews are blocking the left lane so we are just seeing some minor slowing right now at the scene but again they just issued that traffic alert meaning they expect to be out there for at least a little while longer. bart, we are still dealing with these 15- to 20-minute delays. it's in all directions from the san francisco and peninsula stations. if you are in the commute direction, heading from the east bay into san francisco, no delays reported on those trains yet. but again, things like this tend to cause residual delays so we are continuing to watch bart. ace, muni, caltrain, everything else no delay. we have our roving traffic reporter don ditched the roads this morning and decided to hop on a bus and my traffic producer just telling me they are on -- they just got off the harrison street off-ramp. they were on the bay bridge a couple of minutes ago but bay
6:19 am
bridge traffic so far looks okay. and you can see if you are coming into san francisco, no major problems right now on san francisco's city streets. and a.c. transit remains on time. we'll check in with don a little later on in the newscast. thanks, don. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> i'm sorry, lawrence, i forgot. >> you that's okay, elizabeth. that is okay. heading outside today, i think we have a very nice day for you. the haze still made it from the fire still lingering as you look out over the central valley. down below patchy fog. so we are starting out with some patchy fog this morning around parts of the bay area. some of that thick especially at the coastline some dense fog toward the beaches right now. inside the bay patchy fog not as much in the interior valleys, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. so a warmer start to the day and should be a warmer finish, as well. may even get hot in spots today. could see some low 90s interior spots. inside the bay 60s and 70s. 80s at the santa clara valley and 50s and mid-60s at the
6:20 am
coastline with a mix of sun and clouds. so really sunshine for most of the day. still patchy fog at the coast but even there we are going to begin to see more sunshine as high pressure likely to strengthen here. that means warmer days come back to normal for today as these temperatures are going to be heating up. the numbers as high as 98 degrees in fresno, 59 in sacramento, 89 degrees in yosemite, and as you head around the bay you will see temperatures getting nice toward the afternoon, 38 in san jose, very comfortable. 79 in fremont. 64 in pacifica with a mix of sun and clouds. still 90s in some of the valleys. 60s and 70s into oakland and berkeley and richmond. the north bay looking good mostly sunny by the afternoon, just a company. patches of fog at the coast. how about this? the next few days, heaps continues to build. that means those temperatures start to warm up mid-90s i think guys as we head in toward friday and saturday, maybe slight cooling into sunday but looks like great weather for the next five to seven days. >> thank you. 6:20. it's a sign of the times. auto giant ford is set to scrap
6:21 am
all those cd players. it's moving into the digital music age with a new ford focus. the dashboard will have a usb socket for ipods -- not ipads. so many of them. and the other digital players out there. ford will be the first american company to get rid of the multidisk cd player. it looks like those high gas prices are boosting scooter sales. new numbers show sales have soared 37% for the first part of the year. scooters cost anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000. >> wow. >> who knew scooter cost $10,000. >> that's a really nice one. >> all right. there's something new in the fight against mosquitos. it's based on the fact that, get this, mosquitos like smelly feet. researchers in tanzania have developed a potent serum that smells like the human foot. and they put that serum in what they call mosquito landing boxes to attract and kill the insects that spread malaria.
6:22 am
>> interesting. >> learn something new every day. >> my wife gets bitten all the time and i don't. >> yeah. >> she's asleep. [ laughter ] >> terrible, frank. >> i know. well, it is 6:22. my read here. electric vehicles are good for the environment, right? why there is reason for concern for many california communities, coming up. and teaching gay history in the classroom. we have the first challenge that has just been filed. details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wrong. we just don't know what yet. the military launched a missile from vanderberg air for e early this morning, something just went wrong we don't know what it was. the military launching a missile from vandenberg air force base early this morning then destroyed it five minutes later because of safety concerns. the target was an atoll in the pacific. the air force is not saying what happened. they only say they detected a flight abnormality. one of the america's most innovative olympic athletes is dead in an apparent suicide. jared speedy peterson won a freestyle ski silver medal last year in vancouver. authorities in utah said he called 911 before shooting himself in a remote canyon on monday. jarrett peterson was 29. >> 6:29.
6:26 am
this is all the buzz. it's about baseball. >> a controversial game that ended in 19 innings. >> alvarez coming home and it's not in time! he's called safe and the braves win the game! >> well, that was a bad call. and that call capped a six-hour and 39-minute game between the braves and the pirates. the guy is out! >> totally out. >> the umpire called him safe though. that umpire is going to work again tonight. that should be fun. the 19-inning game matched the longest yet in the major leagues this season and it pushed the pirates from first to third place so it was a big loss especially if you are out there for 6.5 hours playing baseball and you lose on a bum call >> i know. 6:26. governor brown wants it to be taught in california classrooms. >> but one history lesson is so controversial, today critics will take action to keep it off the syllabus. a fatal crash off the 880
6:27 am
closes down an off-ramp this morning. why officers believe that that driver was drunk and how it will affect your commute on 880 this morning. coming up. and this melted chain-link fence behind me is part of the aftermath of a huge five acre fire that was burning yesterday causing concerns for air quality in solano county. we'll have the latest coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on wall street. stock futures are down this morning
6:30 am
over concerns about the u-s defaulting on debt. a deal is still a long way off. jill sch stock futures are down this morning about concerns over u.s. defaulting on debt and still no deal. we are going to be checking in with jill schlesinger in a little bit with a live report on how that's shaping up. good wednesday morning, it's july 27. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:30. dunkin' donuts having an ipo. were you a dunkie fan? >> yes. the doughnuts i try to stay off but they are good. >> that goes today. weather-wise here in the bay area a little fog this morning but everything looking good throughout the week. >> anyone say dunkin' donuts? that got my attention! sounds good. outside, we have patchy, dense fog at the coastline. going to be great in the afternoon, 60s and 70s inside the bay, san jose 80s and hot in the valleys even some low 90s. more on the weather coming up. right now let's check on your
6:31 am
traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. we are still waiting for them to clear this traffic alert in oakland. northbound 880 the 29th avenue off-ramp remains shut down after an overnight police chase and crash. they are hoping to get this off- ramp re-opened here shortly but in the meantime 23rd is going to be your best alternate. we'll have more on a live report coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. for more on the chase and that deadly crash let's go live to kristy seifkin along 880 to explain why officers think officers might have been involved in this deadly crash. >> reporter: good morning. about 1:20 this morning chp in oakland was doing a regular patrol near international boulevard and 55th when they saw an erratic driver. they followed him, attempted to pull him over, but he kept going and hopped on the 880 freeway, continued to drive for about 8 minutes around 75 miles an hour, and then he tried to actually exit off the 29th avenue exit and at that high speed, he actually crashed into an area just under the
6:32 am
underpassing and was ejected from his vehicle. now, the chp has been on scene all morning trying to find the cause of the crash. they think the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol. >> when officers approached the vehicle they saw open containers of alcoholic beverages and also smelled alcohol on the person of the driver. the driver was transported to highland hospital where he later died. >> reporter: the chp has given a tentative id on the victim. they say that he was a 19-year- old hispanic man from oakland. and the accident investigation team from chp is on scene all morning. the coroner was here earlier and has left. they will try to confirm the identity. there was a drives license found inside the vehicle. but -- there was a driver's license found inside the vehicle but they want to make sure it belongs to the victim. they will have details this afternoon once they have been
6:33 am
able to notify family. if you are a commuter in the area, important to know that that off-ramp 29th avenue northbound is still closed. expected to open around 7:00 this morning. back to you. >> thank you. right before the crash a man was shot near 47th and san leandro, taken to highland hot and is in critical condition. police have made no arrests or released any details on the suspect. they say the shooting and the chase are not connected. 6:33. we expect to learn today whether there is any health risk involved with that smoky fire out of fairfield. it started at macro plastics. that's in a light industrial area northwest of travis air force base. this is east of i-80. anne makovec is at the scene in fairfield this morning. we were expecting a press conference. anne, is that still happening? >> reporter: we are still waiting for more information from the fire department this morning. i don't know what they have to share at this point because they are still waiting for test results to come back on the air
6:34 am
quality. a lot of concerns about the air quality because there was so much smoke in the air and there are a lot of chemicals in that smoke. this is where it happened, the yard. you can see the fence there, the chain-link fence, just melted over and part of that still smoldering this morning. and if you look just to the side of that, you can see that big pile of plastic crates. that is what was burning. they were about two stories high and so when you look at the video here, it looks like there's a building burning but it's actually just a huge stack of plastic crates. after this fire broke out at around 1:00 here yesterday at macro plastics in fairfield, it burned hot. thick, black smoke could be seen from more than 50 miles away, like san francisco and sacramento. the fire was fueled by the plastic produce crates. the theory right now from firefighters is that a worker accidentally lit one of the crates on fire and it quickly
6:35 am
took off into a five-acre fire. >> you don't have enough water, you said, in order to douse that heat. >> yeah. it's difficult to have enough water on site using all three hydrants in this industrial complex to be able to put the whole thing out. >> reporter: it took firefighters to get it under control. it wasn't out until later in the evening. three firefighters were injured during the fighting of this fire but nothing serious. all of the workers here at the plant were evacuated in time. but the main concern was for the people that were living around the area within about a mile, people were told to shelter in place and avoid the smoke because fire officials didn't know what kind of chemicals were contained in the smoke and we are still waiting for that information this morning. back out here live again where the fire is still smoldering this morning, but the danger certainly as you can see does appear to be over. we are just waiting for more information on what damage may have been done here. frank and grace, back to you. >> amazing that they could even save the building. all right, anne makovec in
6:36 am
fairfield, thank you. and a career change for the cop who shot and killed a than inside a san francisco bart station. the attorney for james crowell tells the examiner that his client has been hired by the fbi. crowell was one of two officers who took part in the deadly shooting earlier this month. bart video shows the officer opened fire after the homeless man threw a knife at him. 6:36. a busy day in the traffic world. let's kick it downstairs to elizabeth and find out what's going on. >> yeah, has been very busy. we have had two separate traffic alerts since not even 7:00. one of those still in effect on the nimitz freeway. 880 through oakland. this is a live look near the coliseum. now, the problem is actually farther north by 29th where that off-ramp still remains shut down. we have had live reports from the scene all morning. there was an overnight police chase that ended in a deadly crash. that off-ramp is closed until 7
6:37 am
or 8:00. in the meantime use 23rd as your alternate. this traffic alert now gone. that's the good news. in san mateo westbound 92 approaching 101 a minor injury crash completely out of lanes, chp does remain on scene, no delays. and bart i didn't even get time to change this map but just a couple of minutes ago they resolved bart's earlier issues so all bart trains are now running on time. in fact, all mass transit looks great. with more on your forecast, let's check that with lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth. we are looking good today. we have some dense fog showing up near the coastline. out at the beach, you can see the water there if you look closely here but dense fog at the coast is actually a good sign for some better weather today as high pressure is sitting overhead compressing that marine layer somewhat. so between going to see less fog in the coming days, more sunshine on the way and as a result, some warmer temperatures outside. we are back to average today around much of the bay area hovering around that point. 89 degrees the expected high in
6:38 am
concord, 83 in san jose, 86 in santa rosa and 67 degrees in san francisco. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, walnut creek police are looking for a stolen car containing priceless giants memorabilia. the driver reportedly left his keys in the ignition yesterday morning and went into mcdonald's to grab coffee. when he returned about three minutes later he saw his car driving away with all the goods inside. surveillance video caught the suspect at the mcdonald's on north california boulevard and the car he allegedly drove off in a silver hyundai sonata containing giants memorabilia including former player willie mccovey autographed bats and balls. opponents begin their fight against the teaming of gay history in california schools. they will start collecting signatures for a possible ballot referendum seeking to overturn the law. it was signed earlier this month by governor brown.
6:39 am
that law makes california the first state to mandate the teaching of gay and lesbian history in public schools. it's scheduled to take effect in two years. 6:39 now. electric cars are supposedly good for the air and your wallet but it looks like some communities may be missing out on some of those benefits. kcbs radio's matt bigler has more on the demographic that is may be left behind in the electric car rush. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about minority communities and according to this report, minority drivers are being left stranded by electric cars. this is from the berkeley-based green lining institute. it finds that about 70% of the hybrid owners california are white even though barely more than 40% of the population is white. there was not enough data yet for all-electric cars and who is driving those. we talked to the green lighting institute and says this does not bode well for widespread
6:40 am
adocks of e vs among minorities. >> that's because there are some of the population that's being missed, frankly, in the marketing efforts or who maybe don't know what these vehicles can do or can't afford them. affordability is a significant issue. [ signal breakup ] >> that was matt bigler. we have trouble with the microphone but matt, thank you very much. time now is 6:40. there is another economic news besides the debt ceiling debate. coming up a live report from new york on the housing market. and while car companies compete to offer the latest and greatest gadgets, there is one feature you wouldn't find in future ford focus models. >> and the market just opened up. let's check the early numbers. debt ceiling looming, everything down. coming up, we'll get an update from jill schlesinger, editor
6:41 am
at large for when we come back. ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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6:43 am
good morning. back out to oakland where we have these live pictures. we have been following this traffic alert all morning. if you're commuting the nimitz, northbound 880 that's 29th
6:44 am
avenue off-ramp, shut down after an overnight chp chase ended that deadly crash. police having investigating for hours since about 1:30 this morning. their best estimates for when they will open the off-ramp close to 7:00 or 8:00. in the meantime use 23rd. main lines. freeway look okay. elsewhere bay bridge they turned the metering lights on. so we are going to see backups now behind the pay gates to the foot of the maze. it's crawling up the incline. past the tunnel into san francisco traffic moves better. fog an issue this morning. we have seen a lot of fog as well on our golden gate bridge camera. mass transit now everything is back on time including for bart which was dealing with earlier delays. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain everything on schedule. let's go to mobile five. we have been following our roving traffic reporter john who is back on an a.c. transit bus and he is coming down eastbound 80. he is heading back to richmond, that's where his car is parked, so you can see that westbound
6:45 am
traffic on 80 is a little sluggish now as you make make from hercules down to berkeley. but overall not too bad a delay. your drive time is 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and a.c. transit remains on schedule. so thanks, don, for bringing us these live roving reports all morning long. and if you want to get latest traffic information once you hit the road, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. forker weather forecast, let's check with lawrence. >> you mentioned the fog. we are seeing more fog and that's true fog as the clouds are down to the deck approaching the coastline. you can see some of that and the bay bridge disappearing in the background. that's a good sign if you want nicer weather as high pressure builds over head compressing the marine layer. more sunshine in the end. starting with clouds, 50s and 60s. this afternoon warming up the temperatures, high pressure strengthening now. even some low 90s inland. 60s and 70s inside the bay. 80s toward the santa clara
6:46 am
valley and at the coast, a little more sun there. mix of sun and clouds, even some mid-60s possible near the beaches today. so sunshine for most, a little fog at the coast but that's going to be more patchy as we head in toward the afternoon. and we are going to see legs of it in the coming days. that means -- less of it in the coming days. we are going to warm up. hot in the central valley today, 98 fresno, 89 yosemite, 81 in lake tahoe, and about 95 degrees in sacramento. 70s and 80s inside the bay, 91 morgan hill, 50s and 60s at the coast. east bay low 90s interior. 80s toward the tri-valley and even warmer than into livermore, some 60s and 70s into oakland and berkeley. north bay sunshine after patchy fog. more sun on the way. it's going to be hot, 90s friday and saturday. inland cooling down a bit on
6:47 am
sunday. back to you. >> thank you. 6:46. 15 minutes into the new trading day on wall street the market is slow going across the board. the dow now down 76 and change. tough times on wall street. the debt ceiling debate continues to drive that market south. >> and here to explain we have jill schlesinger, editor at large for jill, look, i'm not good at math. we're talking about the debt ceiling and the speaker's plan. i just don't understand, how can they be so off? >> reporter: it's a rounding error. we have math problems this morning. john boehner is busy reworking his proposal. that's after the nonpartisan congressional budget office the cbo, found that his plan would cut spending by $850 billion over 10 years not the 1.2 trillion that was promised. and the cbo said harry reid's plan is off would only reduce the debt by $2 .2 trillion over the next 10 years not $2.7
6:48 am
trillion. investors are still edgy. we talked about the markets being down this morning. but, you know, we're not panic- stricken. you can see that just 100 points here and there, it's light volume and this is something that's really important to note, that lot market action has been muted, here's what you need to look for. the cost of insuring u.s. government debt against default is actually starting to rise. this week a one-year insurance contract was about 10 times as expensive as in april. you that's the same level as early 2009 during the depths of the recession. so we are going to keep an eye on the credit default swaps and what's going on there. >> we have a week from monday to figure it out. all right. let's talk about the housing market. good, bad, indifferent? what's the skinny on that? >> reporter: i'm going to do side, cue the sad music, sort of sideways. the s&p kay schiller 20 city composite home price index showed a small increase in may, 1% increase but we are down
6:49 am
4.5% from a year ago. in san francisco, metro market, prices are actually up 1.8% month over month. but down 5.4% from a year ago. now, here's the thing. prices nearly 32% below the peak where, you know, that 2006 peak. we are now at 2002 levels when it comes to the numbers. once we factor in inflation, get this, 1999. we are partying like it's 1999 all over again. >> doesn't feel very good. >> reporter: it sure doesn't. >> quick, dunkin' donuts ipo, buy or sell? >> reporter: do nothing. those ipos are always losers. on we have a lot of great information about ipos. but about three-quarters of them tend to be money losers three years after the fact so there are very few googles out there. mostly you lose a ton of money. >> good. i just drink their coffee. >> reporter: that seems fine. >> all right. jill schlesinger, editor at
6:50 am
large for, thank you. have a great day. >> reporter: thank you. leaders from veterans organizations are going to be at the white house today meeting about raising the debt limit we were just talking about. the obama administration plans to brief them on the possible impact to veterans benefits if lawmakers don't reach a deal by next week. president obama has said that he cannot guarantee tens of billions of dollars in veteran social security and disability checks without an agreement. 6:50 now. cd players are following in the footsteps of tape deck, eight tracks. ford will scrap cd players in one car. it's moving into the digital music age with the new ford focus. the dashboard will have a usb socket for ipods and other digital players. ford will be the first american company to get rid of the cd player. how much would you pay for a 200-year-old bottle of wine? >> couple of bucks.
6:51 am
two buck chuck. i don't know. >> that's your type? >> no, no. i'll go 10. but one would sell for $123,000 a record for the most expensive bottle of white wine that was not bought at auction. the 1811 chateau de kim was sold by the ritz in london tie french collector who plans to drink the boatful white wine in the year 2017 to celebrate his 50-year career as a sommelier. i hope it tastes good. >> i bet it does. >> $40,000 a glass? better taste really good. 6:5. a police chase ends in a deadly crash in the east bay. we have an update. >> a shutdown of a major freeway off-ramp in oakland for hours. we'll have the very latest on the traffic situation that's just ahead in a live report. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. for hours, after a police chase and deadly a a major freeway off-ramp in oakland is expected to re-open any moment now. it's been closed for hours of a police chase and deadly accident. kristy seifkin reports. any word on when they could open the off-ramp. >> reporter: they are still shooting for the 7:00 open time but we'll have to wait and see if they are on time this morning.
6:55 am
it was several hours ago around 1:50 this morning that chp was patrolling near fruitvale and 55th in oakland when they saw an erratic driver and they attempted to pull him over but he refused to pull over, hopped on the 880 freeway and proceeded to drive for 8 minutes at 75 miles an hour and then attempted to exit off the 29th avenue exit, going so fast that he actually crashed into an area just under the underpass and was ejected from the vehicle. chp believes that alcohol may have been involved in the incident since they found open containers and also smelled alcohol inside of his car. chp has given a tentative identification for the victim. they say he is a 19-year-old hispanic man from oakland. the coroner was here earlier this morning. they may release the identity this afternoon. if you are a commuter waiting for this off-ramp, 29th avenue off 880 to re-open, also eighth and ninth streets, which are just close to 880, they have
6:56 am
been also been closed for the investigation, we'll keep you updated as they open up later on. back to you. >> thank you. we expect to learn today whether there is any health risk from that big smoky fire in fairfield yesterday. thousands of plastic crates all stacked two stories high burned at a plastics plant. workers using a torch apparently started accidentally. three firefighters were treated for minor injuries. air quality official though are checking samples to see if it is hazardous. today family members michelle le will hold a rally at mount eden park. she is now missing for two months. police have classified it as a homicide. but loved ones aren't giving up hope that she will be found alive. walnut creek police hope a surveillance picture will help catch the man who stole a car containing priceless giants memorabilia. the car's owner reportedly left the keys in the ignition yesterday morning, went into mcdonald's on north california boulevard to get a cup of
6:57 am
coffee, three minutes later came back and saw his car driving away. police believe the getaway can is is a silver hyundai contain giants memorabilia. >> don't leave your keys in the ignition. >> hello?! not a good idea. we are going to toss it over to mr. lawrence karnow. >> yes. >> he has nothing but good news. >> yes. , you know, and we are seeing some dense fog. that's a good sign as we see more sunshine on the way. we are starting out with patchy fog inside the bay but the san jose area already looking good as we have some sunshine showing up there and more of that as we head into the afternoon. that fog is compressing. high pressure building overhead is going to heat these temperatures up. 90 in livermore for today, 90 fairfield, 79 the expected high in fremont. and about 83 in san jose. next few days hotter, some getting up to the mid-90s by
6:58 am
friday and saturday. cooling down just a little bit on sunday. traffic time with elizabeth. >> thank you. first out to oakland to update you on the situation that our reporter kristy seifkin has been talking about. an overnight police chase and crash ended with this this off- ramp shut down for at least the beginning of the morning commute. northbound 880 approaching 29th avenue, that 29th avenue off- ramp still shut down. they are saying between now and 8:00 they hope to open the off- ramp. in the meantime use 23rd. main lines. freeway no major delays. here's a live look at the fog that lawrence has been talking about and traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge. looking okay but there is a backup behind the pay gates. they turned the metering lights on so we are jammed almost to the maze. and it's sluggish from the incline towards the "s" curve. golden gate bridge traffic looks okay across the span and westbound 237 exiting milpitas a little sluggish until you reach zanker road. that's your traffic.
6:59 am
back to you. >> thank you. we end on a great little story here. a rock band from pacifica going viral. they are showing rock star attitude in this cover of run dmc. check it out. ♪ [ music ] >> that's the band haunted by heroes. get this, they started when they were in daycare. >> wow. >> they are sharing the stage with rapper little peanut featured on the ellen degeneres show last year doing ver well. the music video is on the cartoon network. they are going to play several venues in l.a. one of the guitar players is the son of gianna franco our traffic producer. >> she is mighty proud i might add. >> she should be. >> what an accomplishment. >> they are cute. >> which one is -- >> he


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